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Studio VS is a design and production studio specialized in hand-painted guitar pickguards, guitars itself and other parts. Studio VS is located in the north of the Netherlands and is owned and managed by founder Esmée van Sinderen. She graduated as a Restoration Painter in 2021. In addition to her diploma, she also obtained a certificate in the module 'Polychromy'. Which is a certain use of color in classical antiquity. She has also won a national Dutch painting prize in marble imitation.

Esmée did not choose the path of restoring ceilings in antique country houses. She wanted to combine the passion she has for music and art instead. That’s why she has started Studio VS. ''Your guitar can get a complete makeover, by getting it hand painted here in my studio. Or you can customize it yourself by screwing original Studio VS hand painted parts on your guitar, such as pickguards and neck plates. Nothing is too crazy, I can make it happen!''

Music Career
My guitar career started at the age of 16. Where I’ve played in a Thin Lizzy tribute band for almost five years. Still one of my all time favorite bands these days! Right after that I joined the heavy metal band Cobra Spell. Where I’ve been touring with bands such as Ross The Boss, Enforcer and Evil Invaders. In December 2021 we recorded the EP ‘’Anthems Of The Night’’ which was recorded in Madrid, Spain at PKO Studios.

During Cobra Spell I decided that I wanted to start my own band as well. This became an oldskool heavy rock band named Gramophone, starting in the beginning of 2022. In this band I write music with Mattis Karlsson (Ex-Dynamite) from Sweden. We do everything with just the two of us and record everything ourselves in our home studios. In June 2022 our debut EP titled ‘’Time To Strike’’ came out and was mixed and mastered at Pama Studios, Sweden.

After the split of Cobra Spell, Sebastian Spyder Silva (Unto Others, Ex-Cobra Spell) and I decided to start a brand new 80’s heavy metal band! This became Neon Black, starting at the end of 2022. Currently we’re working a lot behind the scenes on everything band related, but we are thrilled to release our music soon!

Social Media
Aside from my bands and my own business, I’m very active on my social media channels. Besides Instagram, Facebook and Youtube I’m also active on Patreon! This is a platform where I share early access content, behind the scenes footage, giving away limited merch and much more!

Instagram: 44.800+ followers 

Facebook: 12.000+ followers 

YouTube: 4.500+ subscribers

I am super proud and honered that I'm endorsed and working together with brands such as: